Are you a high achieving Professional woman that's struggling with your weight? 
 Are You looking to improve your sleep?  
 Do you have challenges with Your eating habits?
Keep Reading if:
  •  You're exhausted & overwhelmed emotionally 
  •  You lack motivation to exercise and need emotional support and accountability
  •  You lack body confidence & self esteem
  •  You're having difficulty sleeping and have tried other options 
  •  You're overweight and feel ashamed of the way you look
  •  You're keep wasting money on those so-called fad diets & diet pills that just don't work
  •  You're worried about developing chronic diseases
  •  It's challenging for you to stick to a meal plan
  •  You're struggling with menopausal flashes, mood swings, mental fog and low libido
(High Achieving Women Only, Yes This Also Includes You Moms Out There That Are CEO of Your Household)
your Membership Includes a complete step-by-step Program with everything you need

FIT BOSS Academy

In addition to live workout sessions where you get to train along with Dr. Di, you will get access to weekly teaching sessions on nutrition, mindset, self-care, and fitness. 

FIT BOSS Recipes

Get recipes and advice on ways to manage your cravings as well as healthy meals that help you along your wellness journey and actually TASTE GOOD!

FIT BOSS On-Demand

How do you create an amazing physique? Learn how to incorporate high-intensity cardio and strength training with low-intensity sculpting and toning movements. Workout anywhere and anytime. 

FIT BOSS Inner Circle

Ask Dr. Di your questions about workouts, nutrition, motivation, or mindset in exclusive member-only FB lives.

FIT BOSS Lifestyle Community 

Access to the private Facebook FIT BOSS Lifestyle Membership Community where you can participate in member-only discussions and share your progress in a safe supportive atmosphere!

FIT BOSS Bonuses 

Surprises and member-only exclusives. Special discounts, one time deals, rewards, contests, supplements, fitness secrets, nutrition insights, and self-care tips. 
Who Is This Membership Program For?

Yep, that's me over there...

Yep, that's me up there...

I tell you this because I want you to know that I have been there and honestly I am still juggling life as a busy mom and professional.  

  So if you are...

  • Someone who’s serious and ready to improve your overall health...
  • Ready to get stronger and build your endurance 
  • A mom who’s ready to torch belly fat and shed the baby weight for good
  • Ready to gain body confidence and start feeling amazing in your own skin
  • Ready to tone and sculpt sexy arm and legs, a lifted butt and a lean back...
  • Finally ready to have more energy and feel youthful again
  • Ready to get committed and crush your fitness and wellness goals

Or, if you happen to be 35 or older and you are ready to be in the best shape of your life then the 


Learn the Secrets to being Fit, Fierce, Fiery & Fabulous at Any age!
Who Am I...

Dr. Dianah Lake | ER Doc, Fitness & Weight Loss Coach, Menopause Wellness Specialist

Dr. Dianah T. Lake, MD (also known as Dr. Di) is an emergency medicine physician, menopause wellness expert, fitness & weight loss coach, best selling author, speaker, autism parent advocate, and founder of Dr. Di Fit Life. 

Using her clinical experience as an emergency medicine physician, and her knowledge and passion as a fitness and wellness coach, Dr. Di promotes a holistic approach to disease prevention, healthy living, fitness, weight loss, self-care, longevity, and overall wellness. 
Why I Developed This Membership Program
Our time is split so many ways—as busy professional women, moms, wives, and business owners , finding time for fitness and self-care is a challenge. We’re already spread thin. 

That's why I created the FIT BOSS Lifestyle Membership Program! 
A realistic solution for professional women and moms like me. 
Do you want to sculpt that lean sexy look you've always dreamed of? 
Torch fat, build muscle, and boost your metabolism? 
Want a radically effective way to tackle every day with more energy while elevating your mood? 
These were the fitness and wellness goals I set out to accomplish when I created this program. And I want to show you how you too can get there!

This membership will help you easily integrate holistic nutrition education, effective strength training, high-intensity cardio, dance movements, and low-intensity toning into your daily life.

More importantly this program will help you FALL in love with your body again and appreciate every feminine curve. You’ll learn how to make time for self-care, cultivate gratitude, and develop a positive outlook and mindset!

If it is time to take charge of your body and health, then you know what needs to happen!
Then this Membership is For You Click Below!
Then this Membership is For You Click Below!
Check Out These Results!
Is This Program Right For You?
Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out how to shed the weight and keep it off?

Do you recognize the value of high-quality, on-demand training, and are willing to invest the time and resources in yourself?

Are you constantly fatigued, exhausted, overwhelmed and now ready to regain your energy and incorporate fitness into your daily living?

Do you recognize that this problem does not get better on its own and are ready for real change?

Then you're ready for a membership program designed for you, based on your schedule, with your goals and time restrictions in mind. 

All programs are developed by and based on Dr. Di's experience and training methods. No nonsense, no fluff. Just RESULTS.

Everything you need to transform your body, including live weekly workouts, a library of private training sessions, a supportive community, and mindset coaching and accountability to motivate you to finish strong. 
Time To Invest In YOU!
Start Your FIT BOSS Lifestyle Membership!
Frequently Asked Questions
I just need to tone up, not lose a lot of weight. Is your membership right for me?
Yes. FIT BOSS Lifestyle is great for anyone wanting to get fit, tone up, or just live a more active healthy lifestyle.

How do I cancel my membership if I can no longer continue?
Just message me 7-days before your next business cycle in the private FIT BOSS Lifestyle Facebook group and we will take care of it for you. 

What if my goals are different than others in the group?
The FIT BOSS membership program is built to produce results regardless of your level or goals. The underlying principles will guide you whether you want to tone up, build lean muscle, trim down, lose weight or live a more active lifestyle. 

Are the workouts safe for me if I have a health condition or injuries?
Yes! We have workouts that vary in intensity and impact regardless of your experience or underlying conditions. This way you can use what works for you and your body. 
When I purchase FIT BOSS Lifestyle, how will it be delivered to me?
FIT BOSS Lifestyle is a digital membership program that you will be enrolled in. When you purchase the membership program, you will be able to access the fitness library and create a unique login and password. You'll also be able to join the private FIT BOSS Lifestyle Facebook Group after verifying your email as a legitimate purchaser of the program. 
Can I do FIT BOSS Lifestyle at home?
Yes! My membership program is designed so you can train with me anywhere in the world. You have access to your fitness portal and your FB private community whenever and wherever. 
When can I start?
You can start FIT BOSS Lifestyle right away! Your program access becomes available as soon as you pay. 
What if I don't understand or know how to perform the exercise in my workout?
I have a complete FIT BOSS Tutorial Series of videos that will take you step-by-step. I also break down exercises in my FIT BOSS Beginner's Video Series. I make it a point to break down and explain in my workout videos each exercise. So if you ever have any questions be sure to reach out in the community.
For support issues or questions - Please email us at
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